Release guessing

Google AndroidA while ago I bought myself a new phone. I was fed up with Windows Mobile, but that’s a whole story by itself… So my new phone ran Google’s Android 2.1, with the added joys of HTC’s sence smeered over the original UI. The latter is a nice addition by the way, I quite like it. The problem however is the following: about 2 months after my purchase Google released Android 2.2 A.K.A. Froyo. This brings some nice features aswell as claiming a 400% speed improvement.

This update is available for the Google Nexus One, but not yet for my HTC Desire. This is the case with all software updates due to the fact that HTC needs to tinker with their sence UI and various applications to update them to the new platform aswell. As soon as word from Google got out, HTC owners all around the interwebs started specualting about when HTC will update their phones. Beeing a customer myself this actually annoys me quite a bit. I’ve payed well enough for this device, and I have to looking about on the interwebs for rumours about speculated release dates. Why doesn’t HTC want to provide us any information on this? Surely they have got to have an idea themselves? I can’t imagine they don’t have any planning internally…

There are a few drawbacks on making release plans public, especially when you aren’t going to be able to stick to it, but I think you’re frustrating many more customers by just letting them stand into a corner wondering… People are going to set dates for themselves anyways, which could be wild guesses or leaks from trusted sources, but they do want dates set. So why not come clean and make your release plans public? I think it will only benefit the customer relationship.