Debian based Linux flash plugin

Lot’s of websites are still using Flash to play movies. I personally think this is counter productive because of it’s pour compatibility, and support not beeing native. It’s biggest competitor at the moment is HTML5. It can do video playback natively in the browser, with hardware acceleration and better power management. HTML5 also does not exclude a large userbase of iOS internetters.

If you are running Ubuntu or any other Debian based Linux chances are that you’re having trouble playing flash in your browser. The install is just unwieldy, because adobe does not have very good linux support and all… The regular version I installed from Adobe Labs gave white squares over the video where stuff was moving a lot, or where buttons are present. Today I stumbled upon the solution for my troubles. It comes in the form of an easy FireFox extension that deletes the Flash plugins you have installed wrongly, and downloads+installs the correct one, in addition some configs are mended so everything runs perfectly.

Link to the extension:
Does exactly what it says on the box! Flash videos are going quite nice now on my Ubuntu 10.04

PS: I have tried this with FF4 without any problems, even though the page does only say 3.5 atm.