GoDaddy and SOPA: I’m moving [UPDATE: Done!]

There has been a lot of fuzz the last weeks about GoDaddy supporting SOPA.

Not only are they supporting the bill, resitricting a free and open internet, they are also releasing false statements to try and calm down customers by saying they dropped support. On the day of this writing however they have not dropped their support officially.

No matter wether they will drop their support, i’m already looking too move my 5 domains plus hosting away from the company. If an internet company does not get how bad such a bill can, and will, be from the second they lay their eyes on it, they do not deserve any of my money.

I must say i have never had problems with their services or anything, but supporting SOPA is really a statement of complete idiocy, in which i will not partake. This is a completely selfish act on the behalf of GoDaddy imo, so they will loose me, among many others as a customer in the weeks to come…

If you too are a customer, please inform yourself about SOPA.