Building PHP with bundeled GD on Ubuntu

I was having trouble with some GD library functions not working in my PHP5.3 install on Ubuntu. Apparently Debian distributions do not compile PHP with the bundeled GD library, since it is a branch of the original GD, they consider it insecure.
To fix this problem I downloaded the sources and compiled PHP with the correct GD library.

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Closures in PHP5.4 alpha

The PHP community has been on a roll lately, after the great new release of PHP5.3 last year, a shiny new alpha is seeing light aka PHP5.4. The featurelist is not as big as the one of the previous release. But that’s because the previous one was huge… sporting stuff like namespaces, anonymous functions and late static binding.
PHP5.4 is mostly aimed at improving the previous release, but also gives us devs some nice features to enhance our codebase.

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Debian based Linux flash plugin

Lot’s of websites are still using Flash to play movies. I personally think this is counter productive because of it’s pour compatibility, and support not beeing native. It’s biggest competitor at the moment is HTML5. It can do video playback natively in the browser, with hardware acceleration and better power management. HTML5 also does not exclude a large userbase of iOS internetters.

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Upgrading GoDaddy to 4th Generation Hosting (4GH)

Godaddy recently “upgraded” their hosting capabilities. As they call it: 4GH. Now this is probably all just marketing tricks, especially because they still do not support PHP5.3 officially on shared hosting… (workaround here (not tested yet))

They also publicise the fact that there are EU servers now, but I’m not sure if that’s actually a new thing… anyway, I wanted to make sure I was in on the goodness.
A one sentence google got me there right away, the server is upgrading for free as I’m typing.
go get yours here, your hosting will be upgraded within the 72 hours.